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Our Mission

NetworkMedic aims to provide the at-home user with enterprise-grade solutions to meet their needs. Our goal is to build a solution that fits your wants, not just what you can buy at a big box store.

Our Story

NetworkMedic, LLC was formed in 2020 by Brendan Bone out of the need to try to help the “average Joe” have the best possible home internet solutions. Too often, a consumer walks into a big box store and purchases an overpriced “wireless router” only to have to worry about buying extenders or moving infrastructure in their home around. Often times, the right solution to home networking is outside of the wheelhouse of the average consumer- that’s where NetworkMedic comes in.

Brendan is a Paramedic as well as an IT Administrator, and spends his downtime learning and certifying in the IT Field. Brendan realized that most homeowners want to invest in and implement the latest in home automation, but often times lack the time or expertise to get everything working reliably.


Thus, NetworkMedic was born. Brendan began working on his friend’s and family’s homes and eventually began expanding to more clients.

Today, Brendan has implemented several SOHO networks and currently administers for a large emergency services organization.


Call us today to schedule a consultation and see what NetworkMedic can do for you!

As of 2021, NetworkMedic has begun implementing solutions for Fire Districts and Ambulance companies, ranging from PTToIP solutions to cloud solutions.

Big or small, home or business, NetworkMedic will find you a solution. 



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